Battery Park Rules & Regulations

At Battery Park Offroad we offer a fun and safe family environment to all riders and spectators alike. To maintain our high safety standards we must have common sense rules for safety. Violation of any of the following rules will ban you from riding at our facility. Riders with multiple violations will be escorted off the park property. We thank you and your family for riding at Battery Park Offroad!

Download/View Our Rider Release Form… click here

1. 1st gear only, in pit/parking areaoffroad_rules_page

2. Must sign a release and pay before getting on a motorcycle or ATV on premises

3. Helmets must be worn at all times, with chin strap strapped

4. Eye protection must be worn

5. Children under 16 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult

6. Red arrow trails appropriate for all skill levels

7. Black arrow trails are single track (dirt bike only)

8. All trails are one way

9. No trail hopping, no shortcut back to start

10. No corner cutting, we take this very seriously, a violation could result in termination of riding privileges

11. No riding in roads, stay on marked trails or tracks only, no free riding

12. Enter and exit tracks in the same area at a slow pace, yielding to oncoming traffic

13. No pit riding

14. Take your trash with you when you leave

15. No campfires without permission (designated areas only)